Bulgarian Artist Makes Incredible Illustrations That Glow From Within

It doesn’t matter if you use a pencil, a crayon or the tip of your nose to create art, it is no small feat to produce something that’ll knock everyone’s socks off.

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Some artists do well with just a few tools, take for example Bulgarian illustrator Angel Ganev. Although we are sure he could make beautiful art using a variety of tools, he often chooses to create amazing pictures using pencils alone.

In the midst of his collection on Instagram, you should be quick to notice a selection of perfect pencil portraits. Their charm lies in the way they stand in stark contrast to the ethereal technique of lighting that makes the drawings appear as though they are glowing.

Each picture is coupled with a unique mood, wherein the glow becomes a feeling of a warm autumn evening with a cup of tea in one portrait, and a cool metallic touch of magic in another.

But don’t take our word for it, scroll down and see for yourself!

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