People Are Applauding This Boy’s Reaction To Seeing A Blood Stain On A Girl’s Pants In The Bus

Puberty is a traumatic time. No matter who you are, there is no doubt at least one humiliating story that haunts you from those days, however, if you’re lucky you also have a story of someone saving you from puberty-related embarrassment. The following post is one such story.

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On the Reddit thread, ‘Little humans being bros’ someone shared a story from a grateful mother whose daughter had an embarrassing moment that could have gone a lot worse. Thankfully, a compassionate boy in the grade above her saved the day with a kind gesture and it will give you hope for our future men. Scroll down below to read this short heartwarming tale!

Getting your first period sucks but when you’re lucky there are people around to help you make the most of an embarrassing situation

Image credits: 9nong

Lot’s of people were impressed by what the boy did

Women started sharing their own period stories

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