28+ Times People Got So Nervous Meeting Celebrities They Said The Stupidest Things

People like to talk a big game about what they would do if they ever met a celebrity, but what happens when the moment actually arrives? Twitter user @rachyymarshall asked people “What is the stupidest thing you’ve said to a celebrity?” and the answers she received proved that keeping your cool is way easier said than done.

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To get the ball rolling Marshall shared her own humiliating encounter with one of the queens of pop. “I once told [Lady] Gaga she looked like MARY Antoinette. I meant Marie,” she tweeted, even adding video evidence of the memory. Well apparently word vomiting in front of stars is a common phenomenon and the thread soon went viral with people sharing fan freak-outs with famous faces from Taylor Swift to former President Barack Obama. Scroll down below to read some of these hilarious OMG moments and don’t forget to upvote your favs.

You may have seen celebrities from a distance but one Twitter user wanted to know about the times’ people had actually come face to face with these icons

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