30+ Random And Funny Comics From ‘Light Roast’

Learning new stuff is one of life’s most gratifying experiences. And Michael, the creator of Light Roast Comics knows it. He’s an American guy who currently lives in Germany, and has recently set out on an artistic journey.

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“I started drawing comics this February,” Michael told Bored Panda. “Light Roast Comics is (supposed to be) a funny and occasionally thought-provoking webcomic, and its topics are almost totally random with just a handful of recurring characters and storylines.”

Everyday life has an important role in Michael’s creative process. “I am usually inspired by conversations I have with friends and/or ideas I have while I’m out running.”

“I personally don’t find vulgar, profane stuff very funny, so I tend to steer clear of those kinds of subjects. And anything that I think might genuinely hurt or offend someone – obviously you could take that concept to either extreme. But if people aren’t having fun reading my comics then it’s all a waste of time. I usually bounce ideas I’m unsure about off of a few friends and other artists to get their feedback.”

“As of less than a year ago, I never thought I would be drawing comics, but now it’s a significant part of my schedule and I’m having a ton of fun with it,” Michael concluded. “I hope that my relatively simple example might encourage more people to step out on their own creative limb and try something new.”

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