911 Operator Shares The 14 Craziest Experiences She Had While Working

When something bad happens, emergency line operators are usually the first ones to hear our cries for help. They are there to asses the situation, calm us down, and send help. No one can deny that this job is demanding and stressful.
Imgur user PajamaStripes, who was a 911 operator for two years, decided to share 14 stories to show what her job is really all about. When asked what was the reason she started this job she told Bored Panda “I’ve always had a knack for helping people”. During her job, she learned some easy tricks to help her deal with stress “Stress relief for me was mostly coloring books or snacks. Dry cereal was really popular since it was low-calorie and you could pick at it all night. I knew other people who would play games or watch movies on their laptops or tablets between calls”. Despite all the horrible things PajamaStripes had witnessed, the good things that happened struck her the most “The best motivation was a “good” call. One that went smoothly and ended with everyone okay. The most memorable “good” thing would be a time that I was walking a father through CPR on his son who’d fallen in the pool, and the kid came out of it before we even hit the 2nd round of compressions.” Read her most memorable stories from her job below! (Facebook cover image: travis.af.mil)

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