How To Stop Being In Denial About Your Breakup, Because We’ve All Been There

This may be the most difficult step when it comes to no longer being in denial. After all, not acknowledging that the breakup really happened is what being in denial is all about. But, you can’t heal if you don’t accept that it is really over. “You need to acknowledge it to yourself and really come to terms with it,” Brit Burr, editor at large and writer for Psych N Sex, tells Elite Daily. “That’s not easy, of course but saying it out loud as much as possible, and just understanding” can really help you move forward.

“A good way to [come to terms with] that is to really focus on the future and to focus on yourself, and your wellness, and your health — physical, emotional, psychological,” Burr says. Consider reaching out to friends who you may have put on the back-burner during your relationship, and try to mend those relationships. “Get a really well-rounded version of you. It may take some time, and you really just have to kind of grieve for a bit to let it feel real,” she recommends. Once you’ve done that, you’re one step closer to moving on with your life.

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