These Tweets About Hailey Baldwin Changing Her Last Name To Bieber On Instagram Are So Shook

After being coy about their status as a reportedly married couple, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are now apparently shouting their union from the rooftops, or, more accurately, their social media accounts. And it seems like fans were not ready for the declarations of newlywed love. Seriously, these tweets about Hailey Baldwin changing her last name to Bieber on Instagram are straight shook by the update. Elite Daily reached out to Baldwin’s representation to inquire if she has legally changed her last name to Bieber, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

As of Friday Nov. 16, Hailey Baldwin’s Instagram account reads @haileybieber, and in her IG description is says, “Hailey Rhode Bieber,” per People. With that IG name-change and recent comments on IG from Justing Bieber, Bieber and Baldwin’s now-famous New York City courthouse visit on Thursday, Sept. 13 — which had everybody speculating the pair tied the knot just two months after it was revealed they were engaged — is finally becoming less mysterious. Even though People confirmed at the time that the pair was legally married, Bieber and Baldwin remained tight-lipped when it came to confirming the reason for their visit. Elite Daily reached out to Bieber’s and Baldwin’s teams at the time for comment on the marriage reports, but did not hear back at the time of publication.

Cut to two months later, and the newlyweds are sharing their wedded bliss all over the ‘Gram. When it comes to Baldwin updating her surname on IG, well, fans might need a minute to adjust to the change. Just take a look at the shook AF tweets for yourself.

For one Bieber-Baldwin follower, news of the name-change was big enough, with no commentary needed.

Others were a bit down to see this married couple become IG official.

More to come.

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