This Woman Had The Best Comeback Ever To A Man Who Said To Stay Away From Women With Dyed Hair

Alexander J.A Cortes calls himself a “trainer,” “writer,” and “speaker,” but his recent tweets made a lot of women attribute quite a few nasty labels to him as well.

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“Unnatural hair colors in [a] woman are a warning signal to stay away,” Cortes opened. “It’s an example [of] Aposematism – the phenomenon of poisonous animals in nature advertising their toxicity and lethality.”

He then went on to explaining why men should stay away from these women. “You gentlemen want an obvious example of a red flag?” Cortes asked. “It doesn’t get more obvious than that.”

Immediately, people started replying to Cortes. And while some actually agreed with him, Julie Grundy pointed out that “Aposematism is there to warn off predators, not sexual partners. If you’re repelled by it, it’s working.”

One day later, Cortes gave men contradictory dating advice. “Don’t date women who are picky eaters,” he said. According to him, “How you do one thing is how you do everything,” and all the female picky eaters that he has encountered were “hesitant,” “not curious,” and had “fixed mindsets.” On the other hand, women he knew who loved new foods were “fun,” “adventurous,” and “always curious.”

Do think that this statement had to retract the previous one? Or their author is simply confused? Let us know in the comments.

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Image credits: AJA_Cortes

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Image credits: AJA_Cortes

Image credits: AJA_Cortes

Image credits: AJA_Cortes

Image credits: AJA_Cortes

Image credits: AJA_Cortes

Some people have actually agreed with him

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But after this genius reply that pointed out the major flaw in Cortes theory

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People started seriously opposing him

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