The New Vans Patchwork Collection Will Make You Look Like The Fresh Prince(ss) Of Bel-Air

Watching old episodes of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, you can always find Will Smith wearing some funky, cool, technicolor outfit that screams the best of the ’80s and spoke to ’90s babies in a way that still echoes in their fashion choices today. I mean, even Bruno Mars and Cardi B paid homage to the semi-fictional fashion icon in their music video for the remix of the popular song Finesse. And if you know the Fresh Prince like I do, you know he’d be pumped about this new Vans Patchwork Collection. Essentially, it’s a compilation of the best colors of the ’80s and ’90s, all patched together in a way that feels part urban, part flamboyant, and totally worthy of “shooting some b-ball outside of the school.”

“Vans kicks off the year with a patchwork colorblock design featuring pops of color throughout one of their core classics,” reads a statement from the brand. “Diverse in more than one way, Vans designers refreshed the Classic Slip-On, Era, and Sk8-Hi with details of multicolored patches throughout making it a super wearable piece for any color outfit.” So whether you prefer the classic lace-less slip-on style or you’re more of the high-top type, there’s something in the new throwback collection for you.


The Vans Patchwork Era Classic Low Top Skate Shoe ($65; combines sturdy canvas, suede, and leather in a rainbow of colors, from black and white to red, pink, green, and mustard yellow. The bright color scheme is paired with a classic white sole, white laces, and white eyelets and stays true to the vintage feel without feeling outdated.


And no, you’re not looking at two different pairs of Vans above — the mismatched shoe trend is alive and kicking again. The left and right shoes are different, but because both were created with the same color story and pattern in mind, they go together without looking out of place.


If high-tops are more your jam, you can snag a pair of these Vans Patchwork Sk8-Hi ($75; Like the classic low-tops, you get the mismatched pair, a rainbow of colors, and a collage of fabrics in a single purchase. The only thing is, they’re almost too cute to actually skate in.


And finally, for those who can’t be bothered to tie their own shoes (honestly, same!), behold the Vans Patchwork Slip-On ($65; — a clean, oversized checkerboard of colors that’s sure to make a statement on men and women. Ladies, pair this with boyfriend jeans and a crisp white tee, or even with a white eyelet dress for summer and wait for those Instagram likes to roll in.


And in case you’re feel like wearing the patchwork trend from head to toe (hey, color blocking is a huge trend this year), there’s this Vans Patchy Crew Pullover ($55; with contrasting sleeves and a Mondrian-esque bodice pieced together with mostly primary colors — very Fresh Prince, if you ask me.

The entire collection is available now on the Vans website, but chances are, it won’t be for long. Make like it’s 1990 and hit the mall (or, just, the website) STAT.

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