A Bikini Hiker Famous For Climbing Mountains In A Bikini Has Frozen To Death

I wasn’t aware of the fact that climbing mountains in a bikini was a pastime that anyone enjoyed, but if you’re thinking of taking it up then you may want to read this article because it turns out it isn’t as free and easy as it might look. Images VIA  36 year old Gigi Wu

Ariana Grande Responded To The “7 Rings” Backlash After Her Lyrics Sparked Controversy

It seems like Ariana Grande has been on an emotional roller coaster ride and there’s no end to it in sight. Ever since dropping the official music video for her latest song “7 Rings” just a few days ago, the artist has been bombarded by controversy at every turn. While the video is vivid with

Donald Trump And ‘Gotti’ Are Among The Nominees For This Year’s Razzies

Getty Image The annual Golden Raspberry Awards — otherwise known as the Razzies — have never been particularly edgy or clever. In a way, their blandness makes them the perfect anti-Oscars. Their picks for the worst in cinematic achievement in 2018 offer few surprises — but that’s just how they roll. To wit: One of

Man Discovers His Stepson Snuck A Girl Overnight, Can’t Wait To See Him Trying To Smuggle Her Out In The Morning

Sometimes parenting means sitting back and observing, however, this stepdad decided to take it one step further and share his hilarious observations of his stepson with Twitter. User Tricky-D realized that young man had snuck a girl into the house the night before and instead of snitching to his wife he decided to have a

Morgellons Disease: Is It Real, Or Just Really Crazy?

Morgellons Disease is a condition where sufferers claim that mysterious fibers grow out of sores in their skin. Most medical professionals claim it’s a delusional disorder, but an increasing body of work says these fibers may be a legitimate offshoot of Lyme Disease. So is Morgellons real, or just really crazy? What Is Morgellons Disease?

Lady Gaga Called Mike Pence The “Worst Representation” Of Christianity For Anti-LGBTQ School Connection

Aside from her artistic fame, Lady Gaga has always been known for standing up for what she believes in. As evidenced by her passionate declarations of support for the LGBTQ+ community and unapologetic willingness to speak on her political opinions, no one has to be in the dark about how Lady Gaga feels. In fact,