Scientific Study Finds That Porn & Netflix Are Destroying The Environment

Did you know that the transmission and viewing of online streams generates 300 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year, or nearly 1% of global emissions? On-demand video services such as Netflix account for a third of this, with online porn generating another third. Featured Image VIA According to New Scientist and French think tank

Channing Tatum Goes On Bizarre Rant About ‘Pattern’ App & Believes It’s Eavesdropping On His Therapy Sessions

Most people are wise to the fact that our smartphones, apps and electronic devices are capable of listening in on us and are tailoring adverts and content based on audio they pick up when you’re speaking into or around them. Featured Image VIA Amazon even admitted recently that it pays its employees to listen to

This Is How You Heal Your Deepest Trauma And Finally Start To Live Your Life Again

When something happens that scares you, and then you do not ever get over that fear, you become traumatized. Trauma is the experience of disconnecting with a fundamental source of safety. It happens most severely when our attachment is severed to our primary caretakers. But there is truly an infinite number of ways the world

Rare Rainbow-Colored Octopus Caught in All Its Iridescent Splendor

[embedded content] A pair of rare, rainbow-colored blanket octopuses have been caught on camera during a night dive off the coast of Romblon, Philippines. In the incredible high-definition clip, captured on April 5, one of the octopuses puts on a vibrant light show for cameraman, Joseph Elayani, as it glides through the water shifting through

I Design Ads Of Major Companies That Show The Harsh Reality (Warning: Upsetting Content)

My name is Igor Dobrowolski and I’m a Polish artist. Recently, I designed my own version of the real advertisement.  Corporations like Nestlé and Unilever profit wildly from single-use plastic packaging while peddling the myth of recycling as a solution. But anyone who has thought seriously about the issue can see that recycling could never

Trump’s Telling Several Congresswomen Of Color To ‘Go Back’ Where They Came From Predictably Backfired

Getty Image Noting that President Donald Trump says sexist, racist and xenophobic things on Twitter (and in person) is a moot point. Even so, every once in a while, his latest early morning diatribe will be enough of something new to garner even more criticism (and, sadly, acclaim) than his usual outbursts. In this regard,

What Is A Thunder Moon? The Partial Lunar Eclipse In July 2019 Will Bring Its Own Electricity

I don’t know about you, but the thought of a Thunder Moon sounds totally apocalyptic to me. Is Zeus going to part the clouds and shoot lightning through the sky? Is the universe going to rumble, shout, and send everyone running for cover? Well, to be quite honest, I probably think of every full moon